GUARANTEE follows the Fair Option Guarantee rules, as security for fair and transparent purchases. What we offer to our customers is: Possibility to purchase on the cheap. Who acquires this right is certain to purchase new products of quality with absolutely bargain prices.
    Transparent prices. Our prices are clear and certain. Beyond the subsidized price, for every product are indicated: full price, postage, transport, any customs duty and the value of the options used for that product in particular.
    Possibility to purchase immediately. Many products can be purchased with the market price indicated, using the option “compra subito” ( = buy now) in this case all the options already used for that product by our customers will be taken off the price; it is possible to use the function “buy now” also for direct purchases, without trying the purchase with a subsidized price, also by using bids.
    Competitive prices. Our precise commitment is to offer to our customers the best products at the best price. With the option “buy now” you will have the certainty to buy with one of the lowest prices in the market.
    Possibility to convert bids used with no result into AsaPoints: You can demand the conversion of the credits-without-winnings (i.e. credits which have been used without managing to win anything) in AsaPoints within 3 months from their utilization; the AsaPoints can be used to buy the products/services of the Asashop, it is a parallel e-commerce opportunity that Asapmarkets offers to all of you, for the purpose of letting EVERYBODY be IN ANY CASE satisfied of the Portal of Asapmarkets..
    Repaid in the event of early closure. In case of early closing for technical hitches, as intended in the Regulations (Legal Terms), we will return all the Credits to the customers who have done at least one click in those auctions which are not arrived to the Final Rush because of zero setting of the Timer during the Initial Phase.
    No abuse. Thanks to an uninterrupted monitoring, we are immediately able to locate and delete the attempts of computer fraud made to damage our customers.
    Only actual customers. Asapmarkets guarantees not to use any system to do automatic clicks in our offers. Our employees, managers and advisors, as well as their relatives, is forbidden to use the site, even just to purchase with market prices. All clicks are done by authentic customers.
    In these few clear rules is explicated The philosophy of is in these few clear rules. At the top of our values there are complete satisfaction and absolute convenience for our customers and collaborators

    The Staff