• 1. General
    This privacy policy applies to all registered and non-registered users who use/visit
    Asapmarkets is a service provided by Asapmarkets Europe s.r.l., Via Amendola 17 - 40121 Bologna (Italy).
    Your data is collected and processed by us exclusively according to statutory regulations, in particular, the UK's Data Protection Act and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.
    You may use Asapmarkets at any time without registering. When you visit our website, data is saved on our servers in an anonymous format, as is the website that you visit us from, the websites that you proceed to from our site, and your IP address. No personal data is associated with during this process.
    However, we do need some personal information from you so that you can actively participate in MadBid. We would therefore like to request that you agree to the collection and storage of some of your data. You can revoke your consent any time by cancelling your registration.
    Once you have registered for Asapmarkets, you are asked to choose an Asapmarkets user name together with a password, which then allows you to take advantage of all of the Asapmarkets services.
  • 2. Data Collection
    Personal data is the information needed to identify you, for example your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile phone number, etc. With your consent, personal data is recorded and processed by Asapmarkets. Also other non-personal information may be stored, such as:
    When you register with "Asapmarkets
    When you buy bids
    When you win an auction
    What items you buy and bid on
    What payment services you use
    Your IP address
    NOTE: We never store payment account or credit card data other than your billing address. Our site contains forms that directly pass such information on to our payment processor; the only part stored in our system is the service used, the date of the transaction, if it was successful and any error messages provided by the payment processor. This is to protect our customers by minimising the number of places your sensitive payment information is stored.
    As stated above, Asapmarkets's online services store bidding data with time stamps when bids were placed. This information can be used by Asapmarkets for enhancing Asapmarkets's online bidding service. It is important to note that NO PERSONAL DATA of a user will ever be shared with any third party or any other Asapmarkets user.
    For the avoidance of doubt, the definition of Personal Data is information that enables a third party to identify an individual based on that data. Such information could be name, address, telephone number, or other single identifiable piece of data that may enable a third party to identify an individual.
    Asapmarkets never shares such data.
    Asapmarkets may, however, from time to time share information, such as the time you registered on Asapmarkets, as this increases the transparency of the Asap-Bidder-Community. Asapmarkets may also aggregate non-personal information, such as bidding interests, auctions won, bidding times or any other information relating to a user's bidding behaviour.
    Be assured, all information that is personal in nature i.e. personal address, telephone number, email, name, age will never be shared with any third party.
  • 3. Use of the Data
    Please note that we have the ability to retain any data that you provide on this website, even if you do not complete your registration by clicking submit/next. Such contact details and data may be used to contact you to assist you in completing your registration.
    Personal data such as name, address, etc. is used to process product delivery after an auction is won. We ask for your e-mail address so that we can stay in contact with you by e-mail. We need your bank or paypal account data to process payment transactions for any cash auctions won. We also use your personal data to communicate with you regarding orders, to process auctions, marketing retentions and to process other transactions. Similarly, we use your data in order to inform you of marketing promotions or to enable third parties authorized by us to perform technical, logistical, or other services. All data is stored securely on our servers.
  • 4. E-mail and SMS Newsletters
    When you register with Asapmarkets, you agree to receive e-mail and SMS newsletters. We will use this method to inform you of new functions or special promotions on our website. You can at any time opt-out of these by changing your settings under User Controls -> Settings or by clicking here.
  • 5. Forwarding Personal Data to Third Parties Your personal information may be passed on to third parties only if this is necessary to process a payment transaction or a business transaction with our partners. Essentially these are respectable businesses that strictly comply with applicable data protection regulations. Asapmarkets will not release any personal information on you or forward this to third parties insofar as you have not given your express consent to do so, or unless we are required to do so by law.
    When you use Asapmarkets and bid by mobile phone, you consent to have your phone number provided to Asapmarkets Europe by the phone company so that you can be notified in the case of an item being purchased at auction.
    In other situations, personal data will be passed on only to the extent that we are required to do so by law. For example, personal data is passed on to the law enforcement and regulatory authority.
  • 6. Providing Data within the Corporate Group
    Asapmarkets is a member of the ASAP Online PSN corporate group. You are consenting to allow your data to be provided within this corporate group. We assure you that should data be provided this way, security and confidentiality will be guaranteed with no change, and that the data will continue to be subject to the Data Protection Statement above.
  • 7. Viewing/Changing Personal Data
    You can view the information in your Asapmarkets account at any time and update it as necessary using your Asapmarkets user name and your Asapmarkets password.
    Once we are informed, we will adjust incorrect data accordingly.
    We will notify you upon request at any time as to whether and what personal data in respect to your identity or your pseudonym has been stored.
  • 8. Revoking Consent/Deleting Your Account
    You can revoke your consent to the storage and processing of your personal data here at any time, effective immediately.
    You can delete or deactivate your Asapmarkets account at any time. When you delete your membership, your personal data is removed from our database unless we are required to save the data. As a rule it takes two to three business days until your information is completely removed from all records.
  • 9. The Use of Cookies at our Website
    Asapmarkets uses so-called "cookies", which are files that are stored on your computer that can be retrieved to assist in customizing your experience with the online service. The information saved supports the functionality of the site, for example by keeping track of your visual preferences or controlling the frequency of "pop-up" windows. These cookies are deleted after one month. You are free to prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive by adjusting the corresponding settings in your browser. However, we would like to point out that turning off these settings may result in limited functionality.
  • 10. Security Measures
    The information in your Asapmarkets account and in your Asapmarkets profile is password protected, so that only you have access to this personal information. Please note that you are not permitted to provide your password to anyone else. Asapmarkets will never ask for your password in e-mails that you receive unexpectedly or that you did not request. Please remember to log out of your account and to close your internet browser window when you leave the Asapmarkets site; this is especially important if you use a PC in public locations. At present, this is the safest way to ensure that no one has access to your personal information. We assume no liability for the abuse of login data and passwords used.
  • 11. Protection from Web Crawlers or Spam
    Asapmarkets assures you that we will use your e-mail address with your express consent only for the purposes stated in the Terms of Use. We will not sell your e-mail address to third parties, and we will prevent your e-mail address from being recorded by "web crawlers" or "web spiders" to the best of our ability. If you believe that your e-mail address has been recorded in this way, please let us know immediately.
  • 12. Data Protection Guidelines Changes
    When there are changes to the Data Protection Guidelines, we Asapmarkets may apply them without notice. In case of this Policy usage by the Asapmarkets User, the accepted version of this Policy during the registration shall be considered legally appliable.