1.) What is ASAP MARKETS?

    Asap Markets is a new and revolutionary site of e-commerce based on aggregative auctions with a fix rise. In the Asap Markets system the offers of the participants all have the same value (1 eurocent for products with price under 3000€), and is working the best when there is a big number of users who are following the auctions.

    2.) Why are prices are so low?

    The system of auctions with a fix rise foresees the purchasing of the offers which are named BIDs, which costs between 33 and 50 eurocents, depending of the quantity of BIDs purchased. Each time anyone makes an offer, spends a BID which increases the price of the auction with 1 eurocent.
    So in this way for example to arrive to a price of auction which is 1€ it is necessary to spend 100 offers, if the product price is lower then 3000€. Products which have a price higher than 3000€ but lower than 50.000€ we use MAXIBIDs which  costs 10 times more than a normal BID and increases the price of the auction with 10 eurocents.

    3.) How do the auctions work?

    The auctions have two phases, the initial phase and the final rush.
    The initial phase is the phase of the reservation which is not the real purchase part, during this, you can reserve the product and achieve the right to participate in the final rush. The final rush is the phase where only those can participate, who have made minimum one offer in the first part.

    4.) What are the BIDs?

    A BID is a  right to reserve the purchase of a product starting from the price of the auction, which is under the phrase: “ You can buy this product starting from”.

    5.) What is AUTOBID and how does it work?

    The auto bid is an instrument which helps you to put BIDS on a product automatically (the limit is your number of BIDS). Using it, your offers will be made even if you are not at the computer and someone else is BIDDING on your preferred product.

    6.) Is the auto bid working only in the Final Rush?

    No. You can activate it also in the first phase if you want to make the auction going faster and make it arrive to the final price, where the product is purchasable.
    7.) What does “You can buy this product starting from” mean?

    This value indicates the minimum price of the product, the moment when the auction enters the Final Rush and the product is purchasable. Under this value it is not possible to finish the auction and buy the product, so the auction will be always suspended (usually for an interval of 2 hours) keeping the last offers and the respective BIDDERS.

    8.) How does the timer work?

    The timer has two functions, one for the first part and an other for the second. In the first phase the timer is set for about one and a half hour, while in the final rush the timer is set for 15 seconds. So the winner will be who has made an offer which will resist more than 15 seconds before anyone else makes another offer.

    9.) Can I change my username?

    No. The username is unambiguous and definitive, so we suggest you to choose it accurately at the moment of the registration.

    10.) What kind of products can I find in ASAP MARKETS?

    In our site you can find all kinds of products and services, with the exception of particular, professional items not destined to large public.

    11.) Do I have to have an account Paypal for pay with it?
    No. You can pay with Paypal even if you don’t have an account the important thing is that you have a credit or debit card. For the circuits Alert Pay it is necessary to have an account instead.

    12.) How can I buy BIDS?

    You can buy them when you are logged in and if you click on BUY BIDS, or you can participate on the auctions of BID packages.

    13.) How does the BUY NOW button works?

    You have to click on the "BUY NOW" button on the right of the prize, you will be navigated to the site of the payments and in a few clicks you will have the liberty to buy the product at the indicated price.

    14.) What are the delivery modalities of the purchased products?

    The delivery is managed buy our staff trough an express courier which takes the product from the seller and normally arrives to the buyer in 2 working days. The delivery expense is indicated on the product index card, under : “shipping costs”. The carrier is going to be paid by Asapmarkets Europe, so you DON’T HAVE TO PAY IT WHEN THE PRODUCT ARRIVES, only when you pay the product online!!!

    If you have any other suggestions and questions please write us to support.sales@asapmarkets.com!