The 7th Heaven Area is accessible only by registered Members of the GN42 Club in the web site The access is only possible through registration in with a referral link available in this site.

    The purpose of 7th Heaven is to bring the Users to raising earnings through the promotion of products or services available in the web site based upon a networking concept. Such earnings are made of cash backs or bonuses thet the User gains in relation to his promotional activity of the same site.

    Fiscally these gains have to be daclared in the appropriate tax returns of the Country of citizenship of the User and they have to be considered not due to an employment contract or agreement, as gained through an independent public relations activity.

    - The 7th Heaven Area requires that the User, after having registered in without costs, purchases a product available in the 7H Area in a certain price range.
    - Once registered, the User has 15 days time in order to make a purchase.
    - By doing this purchase, the User enters a team of Users - consumers who have purchased a similar product in the same price range.
    - If the User introduces other Users who register and purchase a product of the same price range of the ones bought by himself, then they introduce other users who do the same till 3 levels of friendship, the first User shall receive a Cash Back (or Bonus) identified in the landing page of the Area 7H.
    - The User can freely choose the product or service to purchase upon the desired price range of the available products and there are no commercial duties.